Friday, March 23, 2007

Oklahoma Renaissance Faire
In case many of you do not know, but Imperial Weapons has a booth at the Muskogee, OK Renaissance Faire at the Highland Way.

This year Mr. Hank Reinhardt will be accompanying us on the 3rd weekend. He will be in our booth giving history lectures (only twice daily), (the times will be determined at a later date).

Hank started working with us last year and we have so far come out with 2 swords for the Hank Reinhardt Collection, many more are in the works as we speak, but I can not let out the secret of what they are, not yet anyway.

But join us this year. The Faire runs all 4 weeks in May and Hank will be with us only the third weekend. Who knows if we get the OK he may demonstrate.

If you plan on coming to see us please post in the comments section.
Ranger Battle Sword

I can't wait, and I know several other people who can't wait for this puppy to get here.
For those who may have come upon this blog from a search engine, this is the revised Ranger Battle Sword.

This is one sweet sword. What we changed was this. We contoured the handle as with most original historical swords that are a hand and a half and two handed swords.

What this does is allow your hand to stay put and not slip back. The steel band is slightly raised from the handle as with originals. We opted to narrow the guard as you see from this side shot. Our previous model was wider and the handle was not contoured.

This sword is not a replica of an original sword, but as most people know Generation 2's fantasy or movie swords are done in such a way in the look that they might have been or could have been.

I look forward to seeing post here about this sword and the others you see here on this blog.

Want to see more pictures? Click Here

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Daniel Searles Bowie Knife:
Well the new knife everyone has been waiting on came in. The Daniel Searles Bowie knife from Generation 2! The first batch of 25 came in and went straight out the door.

We have had allot of great responses (and we are not saying that just because it is our knife), folks we have said it and the response we have received says it all. This is the BEST looking Bowie Knife we have made yet!

It has been talked about quite a bit on the different forums. Just GOOGLE Daniel Searles Bowie Knife you will find the link to 3 of the main forums that talk about it.

We are now taking orders on the next batch of 25. These are due in, in April sometime. Of course this batch will be pre-sold before it gets here, as with the last 2 knives we did.
So orders yours now.

Here is the Link: Searles Bowie

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dordogne Sword:
I also thought it best to post the 1st sword here as well.
The first sword being the Dordogne sword. The original sword was found in the River Dordogne near Castillon. It was examined by Ewart Oakeshott.
Ewart made a drawing of this sword, then later gave the drawing to Hank Reinhardt.
It is from this drawing that we created this sword.

This sword feels alive in your hand once you hold it.
It features a stiff blade for thrusting, but it is not overly stiff so as not to be flexible.
We opted for a suede handle since with leather it would be slippery once you hand started to sweat.
You can view more of this sword here: Dordogne
A signed 11'x17" copy of the original drawing comes with each one of these swords! Signed by Hank Reinhardt!

Read the review of this sword at MyArmoury.

Clyde Hollis (Generation 2)

Witham Viking Sword:
Well the 2nd sword from the Hank Reinhardt Collection is here.
It is a 10th Century Viking Sword. The original was found in the River Witham.
And according to post in several forums Generation 2 has done a beautiful job in re-creating this sword based on the original.
We have opted for a suede handle because it feels so much better and it will not slip in your hand.
Other than that change it is a very remarkable sword, especially once you hold it in your hand.
But take a look for yourself.
Here is the direct link to the Hank Reinhardt Collection and you can go from there to each of the 2 swords we have already.

A signed 11"x17" drawing is included with each sword. Signed by Hank Reinhardt!

Read the detailed review of this sword on Sword Buyers Guide.