Thursday, June 22, 2006

So every one has been wondering what is going on with Generation 2.
Well let me tell you we are busy, very busy. Not only do we have new a Generation 2 Bowie Knife in the works but also 2 new Stage Combat Line swords coming as well.

We are teaming up with Last Legend to make Pro Sword. How does that work you ask? Well mostly Last Legend will make the oriental portion of Pro Sword and Generation 2 will make the medieval aspect.

But, there is also in the works and I am sure many are busting to find out if it is true, but Last Legend, Generation 2 and Pro sword has the Hank Reinhart, yes the Hank Reinhart sending us desings to make a "Hank Reinhart" collection. Both Last Legend and Generation2 have 3 drawings to start with.

Does this mean this deal is in the bag? No, we have to first make the proto-types and Hank has to approve. I will tell you he was impressed by our Crusader sword we sent to to inspect.

Also if you want to know more about how well Generation 2 swods are made and to read an interview I had with Paul Southren from Sword Buyers Guide Click on the link. You will have to subscribe to his newsletter. But it is free.

Well that is all I have for now. But as new items or news come in you will find it posted on our website and posted here.
Clyde Hollis (Generation 2)
Imperial Weapons

(Added 07/20/06)

There will be 3 swords that Generation 2 will make from designs by Hank Reinhardt to start with. Sorry I can not tell what 3, but keep checking here.

Clyde Hollis