Thursday, October 02, 2008

Well the economy is hurting everyone from the consumer to the retailer and the distributors. When will it end? Who is to say...Some say when we get a new President other when we get a new Congress. But, the point is everyone is hurting.

To me it all started when they opened Freddie May and Freddie Mac to allow mortgage loans to people who could not afford it, yes Interest rates went way down then it bit them in the bottom.

Then when gas prices started to rise (when there is no reason it should have except OPEC greed and Oil Company greed) that is when it started the snowball effect.

Now you have businesses closing and people loosing jobs, and I am afraid it will get worse because now you have the Auto Makers really hurting.

I would like to see what people have to say in this but I do not want to see any flaming or bashing politically. Because I will delete it. But what are people doing and businesses as well what are you doing to try to ride it out? Families what are you trying to do as well?

I will start...As a business we are trying to see what else we can get into that will generate more income. My lovely wife and I started a new business C and D Enterprise. We will add several sites in the next several months. One we already have (This idea all actually started 3 years ago). Back when the economy was better and when were traveling on a Cruise Ship (Carnival Holiday) we had gobs (is that a word?) of stuff we bought and I tried to pack it in my luggage and the wheels broke. It was a cheap suit case with small rollers. So the idea came into conception then and as we traveled it grew. But when the hurt came we thought let's do it now.

On the site we carry high quality luggage at an affordable price. Great luggage and rolling tote makers like TravelPro and Atlantic and we added travel accessories from Austin House.

Hope the economy gets better. I trust it will and we can share it with our children and hopefully grandchildren. Awe grandchildren, we hope to have some, someday, but that is another story.

From: I Love to Travel

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Handmade Historical Re-creation of the "Musso" Bowie Knife. Limited to 100 per year only! Yes the Legend is Back, in Version 2

Well just as it says, we have brought back this classic knife. Out of all the Bowies, (Historical Bowie Knives) this is the most popular.

But to ensure we did not hurt the 200 that were made and all sold out in 2004 and 2005, we have made some changes.
When we first did this knife (according to Rick Baer's suggestion) we made it so it would be a comfortable and field usable knife with an 11 1/2" blade.

Now that we are bringing back this knife in 2008, we opted to make it the exact size of the original. A enormous 14" blade.

To read more about what we have done and why go directly to our website. CLICK HERE!