Friday, March 23, 2007

Ranger Battle Sword

I can't wait, and I know several other people who can't wait for this puppy to get here.
For those who may have come upon this blog from a search engine, this is the revised Ranger Battle Sword.

This is one sweet sword. What we changed was this. We contoured the handle as with most original historical swords that are a hand and a half and two handed swords.

What this does is allow your hand to stay put and not slip back. The steel band is slightly raised from the handle as with originals. We opted to narrow the guard as you see from this side shot. Our previous model was wider and the handle was not contoured.

This sword is not a replica of an original sword, but as most people know Generation 2's fantasy or movie swords are done in such a way in the look that they might have been or could have been.

I look forward to seeing post here about this sword and the others you see here on this blog.

Want to see more pictures? Click Here

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