Friday, March 23, 2007

Oklahoma Renaissance Faire
In case many of you do not know, but Imperial Weapons has a booth at the Muskogee, OK Renaissance Faire at the Highland Way.

This year Mr. Hank Reinhardt will be accompanying us on the 3rd weekend. He will be in our booth giving history lectures (only twice daily), (the times will be determined at a later date).

Hank started working with us last year and we have so far come out with 2 swords for the Hank Reinhardt Collection, many more are in the works as we speak, but I can not let out the secret of what they are, not yet anyway.

But join us this year. The Faire runs all 4 weeks in May and Hank will be with us only the third weekend. Who knows if we get the OK he may demonstrate.

If you plan on coming to see us please post in the comments section.

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Yvette said...

Keep up the good work.